Installing Netbeans on Windows 7

I have migrated my OS to Windows 7 because my previous windows went to corruptness. The first development tools that I need to be installed were jdk+netbeans. There’s no problem with jdk installation, but the problem occurred when I installed netbeans. The installation could not be processed because JDK was not found. It’s ridiculous because I have installed JDK correctly. Here is the solution for this problem that I got from internet

  • get the latest jdk and netbeans
  • open your command prompt (cmd)
  • runas your cmd with administrator privilege
    • runas /user:compName\administrator cmd
  • go to netbeans directory
  • extract the installer with the following command
    • java netbeans-6.8-ml-windows.exe --extract
  • run the jar file
    • java -jar bundle.jar
  • finally follow the installation wizard until finish…

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