Ignore on commit – SVN

Most of software developer in nowadays use svn (subversion)  for versioning and controlling their software development. As in my office, we also use svn server. SVN allow us to manage the changes of documents, programs and other files. It allowed returning to any earlier development state as well. The one of common activity in revision control is a commit which is an action of writing the changes made in the working copy back to the repository.

Sometimes we don’t want to commit the all changed files. This time I’d like to show how to ignore files on commit. In this case I used Tortoise as a client program of SVN.

  • add to ignore list and delete the from the repository as well. Don’t worry the file won’t be deleted from your computer and only removed from the repository, so you can restore it. This step can be done as shown in the picture below.

  • only ignore the files without deleting them. This option is safer than before, because the files will only ignore on commit and won’t be removed from the repository. The picture below showed how to do this option.

Ok. That’s from me today and have a nice coding day.


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