Juventus New Stadium

Juventus one of my favourite Football Club, finally has a new stadium. With this new stadium Juventus become the first Italian Football Club which has their own stadium. The temporary name for this new stadium is “Juventus Arena”. Though it’s only temporal name, but I like this name. It’s sound like a great arena for a great football club. This new stadium was built on the previous stadium which was Stadio Delle Alpi. The construction was initiated in 1 March 2009 and will be opened officially in 8 September 2011 (I wish I could attend the opening ceremony… :D).

This new stadium has 41.000 in capacity. Moreover there are a lot of changes from the predecessor stadium. The running track finally was removed, so it will make the fans closer to the field. In addition, the stadium will house a 34,000-m2 shopping complex open every day. A museum about Juventus history is planned to built to. Now take a look closer this stadium on the video below.

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