Busy days…

Lagi Sibuk

It was really tired in the last two days. I still have to finish patching the application that I built. Beside that I have another work to arrange project management on my other two projects. I also haven’t initiated again my scholarship plan. It’s really hectic days because on another side I need to struggle with my laptop and my PC. Both of them broke down due to various problem.

First with my laptop, I didn’t know why the wireless network was getting slow down. I didn’t realize it before, because the problem occurred on local network only. There was no problem when I used the laptop for internet connection. The speed was going well and I still could download several songs :D. But when I tried to copy files from the local machine, the speed was really horrible, extremely slow. Transferring 1 Mb needed almost 20 minutes with the speed only around 50 kb/s.

Okey, then I tried to reinstall the wifi network driver. The installation succeed but it didn’t work. That made me more frustrated. I hadn’t given up So I uninstalled the network driver and delete the device then installed it again. Finally hurray my wifi came back, everything was back to normal. I had worked overnight because of this problem and I did not turn my laptop off. The next day everything seemed to be normal, I turned on my laptop but the trouble came over again. My laptop screen was blank all over dark. I still did not figure out what happened. Everything just went dark after I logged on. I restarted it almost five times, but it was still same, blank. I thought the problem was It just could not entered to the desktop manager, since I still could open the task manager.

OMG help me. Ok don’t panic because all of my data must be save. I tested my ubuntu to see if the problem also occurred here. Thanks God, my ubuntu worked fine so I could browse the internet to find out the solution. Most of references said that I need to restore the system to the previous point through the safe mode/repair mode. I applied this suggestion and it was successful :D. Finally my laptop came back alive. Although it was hectic days, but it could help me to escape from my office duties for a moment :D.

Trouble in windows OS can be happened anytime. So I suggest do not forget to create a restore point, so you can restore it back anytime you get a problem. How to create it? Hmm, I’ll try to post it next time. Oh yap, I hadn’t told you about my PC which was also annoying. But I’ll share it at the next post include how to create restore point in windows. Now I need to relax :D. See you soon.


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