Biggest anti virus quarantine

I recently struggled again with virus on my office’s server. Since the AV on the server didn’t update regularly, there were abundant viruses inside. The server condition deteriorated because I ignored the AV updates and I didn’t realize that the computer had been attacking by virus. First time I figured out that there was something wrong when I copied files from server and my laptop detected virus from those copied files.

After ensured that my laptop free from virus, I checked the server and of course there were abundant of virus over there. The computer was infected by Ramnit virus. This virus will infect exe, dll, and html file. I had scanned the computer with current AV, but it didn’t work well. The computer was still slow down and the hd ran out of space. Then I tried to scan with special Ramnit virus remover. I thought the computer had been clear and the viruses had gone away, but the disk space was still extremely low. I searched through out the folders to find out where the trouble is.

The AV quarantine obviously had blown up the disk space. I forgot to setup up the AV to remove the infected files automatically so the quarantine become bigger and bigger. It took almost 14 GB of disk space. That was the biggest virus quarantine I had ever seen. I spent almost two days to purge the quarantine. From now on, be aware with AV updates and any abnormal process of your computer ;-).


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