Juventus win the scudetto

Juventus win the scudetto

Forza Juve 3x. Incredible season for Juventus which finally win the Serie A title. This morning first I did was opening my laptop and search the latest news. Ahaha, the news said that Juventus win the scudetto by wining the match 2-0 with Cagliari whereas Milan was defeated by Inter 4-2.  And I feel full of joyful after reading the news. So after arriving to the office I rush to write this post. What a wonderful season for Juventus and now they still unbeatable.

Yap, for me, I think this the 30th title for Juve so they are decent to add a new star to the logo. On the official Juventus website they also stated that this title is 30 on the pitch, but the calciopoli scandal has made them gave away the 2 title to Inter Milan. This season Juve still has two matches, one in Serie A and the other one in Coppa Italy final. Hope they will keep the positive trend and win the rest of the game. Forza juve.

image was grabbed from : juventiniarena.wordpress.com


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