Finally upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04

My Desktop

Recently I have upgraded my Ubuntu to the latest version, 12.04 Pangolin. It’s been almost a month after the Pangolin was officially launched. I was still hesitate before decided to upgrade my Ubuntu. From the previous version I didn’t see a lot difference with the new one. Ubuntu still brought unity as their default interface with the dash and the launcher. The detail features and improvements on Ubuntu 12.04, you can find out here. And continue their cycle release that every two years Ubuntu will be released with LTS (long term support), so did with the Ubuntu 12.04. Therefore, if you laze to upgrade each six month, this version will be deserved for your computer.

I found that this version quite friendly, because in 11.10 there was one bug that so annoying which was about the power source. The problem was occurred when I unplug the power source, the system was prompt a warning message that the laptop is out of power even though the battery was full. Then the system hibernates itself. Now in this new Ubuntu, it already solved. Well done.

Another thing that also had been improved is the sound setting. Prior to 12.04, any time I plugged in my headset, I had to adjust the output sound setting. That really ruined my comfort in enjoying music or movie. But any way, about the upgrading process, it took quite a long time, since I use the official repository rather than used the local such as at Kambing.ui or mirror its as I ever used when I was at college. It took about 24 hours, since I left my laptop at the office and let it download the files. On the next day I came back, the process still was not completed, but the downloading process was done already. I just followed the wizards to upgrade the Ubuntu. That’s much easier than the early version that I ever used.

Within the upgrading process, there were some confirmation messages prompted several times, such as removing the unused program, choosing the application config which will be used and so on. After the upgrading process, I would like to make my desktop look different than before. I want to put some widget over there like on windows 7. And then I found conky as a light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. I installed and configured conky following the steps in this site. So now I get not only the system monitor but also the date time of my laptop. Then I also added a weather information to conky by following the steps in here. But after added it, the conky didn’t display correctly, because the weather widget overlapped the clock widget. So I configured again the conky and finally I got a better look of my desktop like the figure above.


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