Another bootstrap alternative

Bootstrap is probably one of the famous front end frameworks. There are dozen of website templates which were built over bootstrap framework. But apart from using bootstrap, there are several alternative frameworks to build your front end website. Recently I found 2 frameworks which I am interested in and I think quite similar with bootstrap.

The first one is Tuktuk. I think this framework overs complete features for building a website. Tuktuk focuses on building resposive and extensible framework as they stated “Not trying to compete with Bootstrap or Foundation because they play in another league. Just worry about creating responsive and fully extensible sites easily.” After testing some of their samples page, I like the design, which is simple and clean. Moreover, different with the bootstrap the responsive feature works well :D. In bootstrap, sometimes it doesn’t responsive when you open the website on chrome. Overall, I like this framework even though the features as not many as in bootstrap. I haven’t yet learnt a lot  about it :D, but perhaps this can be used for my next project.

The second framework is HTML KickStartIf you really need a replacement of bootstrap, this one can be the alternative. Since the features of this framework are almost same with the bootstrap. But, about the design, I prefer the tuktuk than this. Aside from those two frameworks above, actually there’s still another framework. I just pick up two example which I think simpler and much closer with bootstrap. In the end if you’re a bootstrap maniac :D, you also can use to generate your initial website.

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