First post with new device

It’s quite hard posting with this new device. I still need to adjust my fingers with the keypad. Eventhough the layout is same with computer/laptop keyboard, but the screen is really sensitive. So there must be a lot of typing error 😁. I decided to choose lumia with windows phone inside. Why? Perhaps because its simplicity. Android, i think is too much, iphone is too expensive, blackberry i think is quite slow 😁.
My phone type is 720 white. Actually i’d like to buy the dark one, but it was going out of stock. I haven’t explored all the features of this 720. As i said before, i’m still adapting with this phone 😁. But today i got one delicous shot bellow. I should’ve taken before i mixed it up.


7 thoughts on “First post with new device

  1. wah, habis beli baru ya mas, πŸ˜€
    semoga nanti mudah menemukan provider yang bisa dipake untuk Lumia nya di sini,

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