7 days left


Only 7 days left. Till now I am still hesitate if I am ready for this. I feel so miserable…hiks.. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BRaJ-xgDf0 in back sound). In one side I am happy cause I’m gonna step on new story of my life. But in another side I will left this beloved country, left the people whom i loved. But I will bring all the memories that I’ve been going through till the departure day. Thanks God for everything, please keeps everyone I loved safe, peace, and healthy. Thanks for my family, for you and for everyone who support and help me.

Don’t know when i’ll be back again. Uhh.. don’t think about it right now. I still have so many things to do to organize my departure. I made list of my luggage stuff, but I forget where I wrote it  down. I also stop over learning the language. I have to gather my passion and motivation. Let’s move on..  See you in Land of The Morning Calm :D.


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