What’s new in new year?

Well it’s almost a week from new year, but the feel of new year still remains. As usual, I did nothing in new year, hehe. But this year, I feel different. Perhaps because, now I am in different place so that getting different atmosphere as well. Usually in my country, I can hear the crowd and see the fireworks just from my home. Because almost everyone tends to be like celebrating new year. But here was so quiet, no parade, no fireworks, even there was no crowds outside. It was strange for me at first, but I like it. I could sleep well and easily, hehe.

So what’s new in this new year? First I can’t tell you right now, just wait for the right time, hehe. The second one is that I changed the theme of this blog. I want to get a new look from my blog. What do you think? However, I am not sure if I am gonna use this theme through all this year. And what about the next one, yeah finally one of my favorite tv series has been released just after the new year eve, Sherlock Holmes. This is the last third season. Each season has three episodes. And today I already got the those two episode. Get ready to watch it.


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