Have you heard about Atom? No, it’s not about physic’s terms of atom which is the smallest unit of matter. The atom that I would like to talk about is sort of text editor. Recently, Atom version 1.0 was finally released last month on 25th. It seems promising editor when first time I tried, back few months ago. Atom is fomented from side project become official Github project which surely it’s an open source. And the more enthralling part of this editor is the fond introducing video. They introduced Atom in retro style with classic machine. And when a grandmother also do coding, it stole a laugh of me.. haha…

If we talk about which editor/IDE should I used to code, it turns back to personal preferences and favor. I have tried many editors from the heavy Netbeans to the lightest one such as Notepad++ or Geany in linux. While many people infatuated with Sublime Text, I still stick with my old Netbeans. Though it looks elegant, but I think it’s too mainstream for me haha. Moreover, it’s not fully free which is my first concern for such impoverished student like me :D.

The lightness of editor is next thing that I reckon. For this criteria, I have tried Brackets developed by Adobe. I also consider about the openness and community. Both Brackets and Atom have growing communities and extensions that enable us to discuss when facing problem or even customize the editor as what we want. Choose the editor that best fit for you. Surely, it effects your coding creativity and productivity.


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