Need task management on ubuntu?

Previously I just put my task list on Knotes. It’s a simple note similar to sticky note on windows. Then today I found a wonderful application to manage the task, Nitro. The UI is so simple, easy to use, and the important it’s fast. It looks like wunderlist, a famous task management on iPhone. From the… Continue reading Need task management on ubuntu?

Finally upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04

Recently I have upgraded my Ubuntu to the latest version, 12.04 Pangolin. It’s been almost a month after the Pangolin was officially launched. I was still hesitate before decided to upgrade my Ubuntu. From the previous version I didn’t see a lot difference with the new one. Ubuntu still brought unity as their default interface… Continue reading Finally upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04

Create restore point manually in windows

Continue  my previous post that I would like to tell how to create restore point on windows. Today I’m gonna write about it. Just like before because of a lot of works this post is published little bit late. Ok now go straight to the point. In windows restore point usually is created automatically after… Continue reading Create restore point manually in windows

Biggest anti virus quarantine

I recently struggled again with virus on my office’s server. Since the AV on the server didn’t update regularly, there were abundant viruses inside. The server condition deteriorated because I ignored the AV updates and I didn’t realize that the computer had been attacking by virus. First time I figured out that there was something… Continue reading Biggest anti virus quarantine