#Yii ajax session timeout

It’s been a long I didn’t write about something “technically”. Maybe because I didn’t get in touch again with those technical stuff. Ok then what I’m gonna to write is about ajax session timeout in Yii framework. Sometimes this problem is never counted since in Yii session timeout has been handled in the config. However,… Continue reading #Yii ajax session timeout

#Yii Handling error in module

This my progress report about learning yii framework recently. This report is intended for myself in order to keep my learning track. Ok this time I’ll report about how to handle error inside Yii module. By default, if you create the Yii application, any http error (404, 403, 500) will be thrown away to the… Continue reading #Yii Handling error in module

#SVN solved error “is not a working copy directory”

I get this svn error quite often since changing my development environment to ubuntu, because I never got this error while I working on windows. This error was really sucks before I got the solution. Everytime I commit my works this error occurs. Then, why the directory is known as not working copy? In linux… Continue reading #SVN solved error “is not a working copy directory”